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Busy Women, Big Dreams Beginner Membership


When you purchase your Busy Women, Big Dreams Beginner Membership (one-time purchase) you receive exclusive club resources and our plan to help you start your dream business in 3 days. No pressure, go at your own pace. Dream Biz Beginner Membership includes:

Our Exclusive 3 Day Plan for Busy Women

Once you receive The Playbook, set aside time (on your terms!) to read and complete this beautiful, interactive tool. Start reading…

The Playbook (Luxe Paperback, shipped to you)

  • Best-selling resource
  • 5-star reviews
  • Club exclusive
  • Beginner level
  • Especially for women

Download your Dream Biz Digital Toolkit Level 1, includes:

  • Create Your Business Plan
  • Create Your Money Plan
  • Create Your Mission Statement
  • Design Your Dream Biz Logo
  • Design Your Dream Biz Card
  • 12 Month Dream Biz Planner
  • Checklist
  • Member Guide

Bonus Item #1 How to Determine if Social Media is Right for Your Biz

Bonus Item #2 How to Start Building a Business that Earns $$$ Without Social Media

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Created Exclusively For Women By:

  • An entrepreneur who has been right where you are: The Beginning.
  • A business owner that provides for her family exclusively through her business (Yes, I write my own paychecks!)
  • A woman that understands the challenges of being a working mom
  • A real person who understands the feeling of risk and fear of failure when you consider turning your idea into income
  • A mom invested in helping you dedicate the best of YOU (time, energy, finances) to yourself and your family.
  • We believe: You were made to follow your dreams and are equipped to succeed. The question is, Do you?

Only At Million Dollar Mama Club™ For A Reason

The Playbook is an exclusive beginner level business tool that you can only access through our Busy Women, Big Dreams Membership. Here’s why:

  1. The Playbook is a powerful, inspirational and practical tool especially for busy women. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, or a woman that dreams of writing a book or opening a bakeshop, the Million Dollar Mama Club is the right place to begin your business adventure.
  2. We are truly for the beginner. A woman with a big dream, a little time, and lots of passion. After reading The Playbook our goal is to set you up for success with additional steps to help you start your business and KEEP GOING.
  3. When you finish The Playbook, your membership includes The Dream Biz Digital Toolkit to ensure that a woman with NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE can successfully start her business. We want you to stay motivated and UNSTUCK.
  4. The Playbook is your FIRST STEP into business…and we want to support you after you take it!

Luxe Paperback–heavyweight soft touch cover and interior pages–The Playbook is a beautiful and inspiring work of art designed to engage your creative mind.

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