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The Playbook | A Beginner Level Guide to Following Your Dream for Success

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The Playbook: Beginner’s Guide to Following Your Dreams is a creative book that will help you learn how to turn your ideas into a business. Feminine, fresh and creative, The Playbook is designed for busy professionals, artists, writers and moms that dream of finding success on their own terms. 


Have you always wanted to make money working from home? Find a better work life balance for your family?  Achieve greater financial success?  This book was written by an entrepreneur (and single mom!) who has been right where you are. The author shares insights and provides a clear path forward so that you can stop feeling stuck and start the life you dream of.


I believe your dreams have value.

Do you?

Do you ever feel you were made for more but are not sure what 'more' is?

Learn how & why to invest in your dreams first.

Take the next step; turn your ideas into income.

Real Reviews from Real Women


An easy, quick read that will spark something deep inside of you!


One word: MOTIVATING! This book challenged my way of thinking and influenced me to take the reins on my future and begin to put my ideas into fruition. This is a must read for any woman out ther that has been stuck in a rut traying to figure out how to take control of their future by becoming a successful business owner!


It is interactive and really helped me narrow down exactly what my dreams are and why they are important to me.


The Million Dollar Mama Playbook is a refreshing guide to transforming an idea into a living, breathing business one step at a time. Jenna has a unique and practical approach that speaks directly to women who are working hard for someone else while quietly nurturing their own entreprenurial dreams. This guide is inspiring, encouraging and most of all…achievable.


I feel really clear on what I am going after now and I even named my business. I am soooo excited!


I absolutely love this playbook! I read it in two days. I like the energy behind it. This is such a fun self improvement playbook. This book will encourage you to be more passionate about starting your own business really pursuing your dreams and not giving into fear or giving up. It inspired me to pray have faith and to pursue my business journey. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. 🙂 A must have. If your looking for a motivational book to help you start your business. I highly recommend!


I really enjoy her conversational style!


“I had this breathless feeling while reading the book that I couldn’t shake. So inspiring that I struggled to get out of my head about what I wanted to start first and just take a breath to read! I’ve had so many ideas but nothing to show. Came up with what to do with the help of this book and finally will start executing. Wish me luck!

I’m not one to read non-fiction books but the way this one was written made me feel like I was talking to a close girlfriend that was sharing all her secrets with me while chatting at our local coffee shop (which is where I read this…)

As a 21 year old, I really enjoyed the fun, glamorous illustration that came paired with reading. Would recommend!”


In Million Dollar Mama Club Playbook, Jenna Paulson gives you the necessary framework to turn your dream business into reality. Learn how to take that crucial first step into action!  Be one of those ladies who actually makes it happen.  I know it’s motivated me.”

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