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Welcome to the Dreamer’s Diary

I am so glad you’ve found the Million Dollar Mama Club. This site and the Playbook are MY OWN DREAM COME TRUE.

And what was my dream?

Well, to be honest, that was the first question that I asked myself. I was feeling ready for a change. I wanted to do something that I LOVE EVERY DAY and I was starting to feel that where I what I was finding passion for and energy in had changed as my life had changed.

Today, I fill more roles than I ever imagined I would. I’m a woman, mother, business owner, daughter, sister, friend. I’m a chef and a housekeeper and an activities manager. As my life continued changing, I realized that what I wanted out of every day was changing with it. I was developing new interests and asking new questions.

And don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the original business that I started when I was 22 and am proud of its success. As I developed my first business and eventually got it running smoothly, I acquired new skills, new interests and new talents. I’ve learned that I’m never ready to stop dreaming or creating or growing.

The day I started asking myself, ‘is this it for me?’ was the day I realized that new dreams were being born in my heart. And these dreams were EVEN BIGGER AND WILDER than the dreams I’d had in my young twenties. These new dreams were keeping me up at night. My creativity level was soaring and I realized when I looked at the clock at 4 a.m. and was still writing, that I’d found my NEXT BUSINESS ADVENTURE.

I wanted to encourage women to catch their dreams. To help them transition from being DREAMERS INTO DOERS.

Why the Million Dollar Mama Club website?

I was inspired to begin this site to create a starting point for any woman who is interested in pursuing her own dream and building her own business. I wanted to provide motivation and support with REAL STEPS to help women identify what they want to do and start doing it TODAY.

Most of my ladies that I have met in my life—friends, family members, colleagues—have incredible ideas that they are not currently pursuing. Most have some idea of what life could be if they were successful in pursuing their dreams BUT VERY FEW take the steps to get there.

I think this is because it is hard to know where to start. As an example, if you’re a teacher but you’ve always dreamed of making really special, distinctive stationary (this is a random example, the dream can be anything), what is next? What do you do to pursue YOUR DREAM with all the force and passion it deserves? How do you make your dream a reality and begin living the life you want to live?

Women begin asking themselves these questions and because they don’t know the answers they put their dreams on a shelf. The ideas seem to vague or difficult or unachievable. Sometimes, the more they think about it the more they feel unequipped or underqualified to see their dream to fruition. Self-doubt creeps in and because its not a good feeling—it’s a feeling most people try to avoid—the dream get put back on the shelf or ignored.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, I’m THRILLED you found the Dreamer’s Diary and this website. This space was MADE FOR YOU because YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE.

The Dreamer’s Diary is like a playground where you will find ideas, thoughts, inspiration and real resources that will help you as you pursue your dream and build your own business.

Pursuing your dream—whatever that looks like for you—will not be easy but it CAN be done.

The Dreamer’s Diary is curated content and resources that are geared towards women with big dreams that are taking steps to achieve them.

Here is what you can expect to find in the Dreamer’s Diary:

  • Practical and inspirational tools
  • Secret Sharing (From ME—a woman who has achieved millionaire status by pursuing her own dreams)
  • Motivation
  • Featured stories and posts from other women that have dared to dream big


I’m excited for your journey. If you feel encouraged to please SHARE your dream with us here.

Thank you for reading and let’s start DREAMING & DOING TOGETHER.



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