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Can you be a successful business owner and a single mom? I did it and so can you!

My name is Jenna and I am the founder of Million Dollar Mama Club™. I’m really excited that you found this site and want to tell you a little bit about myself so I can get to know me and learn why I am so passionate about our mission and the beginner level business resources we create especially for women.

You’re busy: highlights are in bold—skim away!

Quick Facts About Me:

Woman of Faith

I’m a Christian. My faith impacts all areas of my life and I believe that God has a plan for me (and you!). I’m a perfectly imperfect woman and God is my ultimate provider.

Single Mom

I try to live and work in a way that gives me the most time to be with my kids and be the mom I really want to be. As a mama myself, I understand the challenges of trying to succeed at work and in the home.


Started my first business 15 years ago and have never looked back. I’ve worked hard to grow my business and made millions of dollars in the process. Today I have the privilege of living in my dream home and enjoying a level of financial stability and provision in ways that I never imagined.

Why I’m Passionate About Helping Women Follow Their Dreams

I am so passionate about developing resources that inspire women to follow their dreams and this is because I have been where you are. At the beginning and finally ready to take a first step.  You’re a busy woman, maybe you’re a mom too or already have a full-fledged career, but you want more. You dream of a different kind of life than what you are living right now and you’re ready to take the next step and make your dreams reality. When you finally decide to take a risk and follow your dream it can feel overwhelming. Starting a business or writing the book you’ve always dreamed of often feels like an uphill battle.

Don’t Give Up Before You Start

The beginning of an entrepreneurial journey isn’t easy and too often this is where most women get discouraged and give up on their dreams. To solve this problem and help you to see that your dreams are within reach (even when it doesn’t feel like it), I began to write down the process of following a dream of building your first business. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t taken a risk and started my first business and so I want to encourage you and share what I have learned because the hard work of building the life you dream of is worth it.

Living the life that you were made for is not the easy road, but I truly believe your dreams were instilled to prompt you to take the most unforgettable journey of your life.

What dream did I follow?

Quite simply, I wanted to write.  I was motivated by freedom, plain and simple. I wanted to build my own business so that I could use the skills that I was most passionate about. Every time that I went to work, I knew I was in the wrong place; I spent so much mental energy trying to convince myself that being so unhappy and unfulfilled by what I was doing ‘was just a part of life.’ I really didn’t believe that I was made to struggle. I felt God placing a new dream into my heart and it made me believe that I was made for so much more.

God didn’t design me to settle, he designed me to dream and to journey forward to make those dreams reality.

So, when trying to answer the question about what I should be doing with my precious time, I decided that maybe it was time to take a closer look at my personal gifts, skillset and passion.

How did I know what I wanted to do?

Every since I was little I loved writing. I was always creating books and writing stories. Sometimes I even made the paper for my books by hand. I knew I wasn’t Hemmingway (LOL) but I also knew that because I loved writing my passion came through in whatever project I worked on. And that passion was like my superpower.

I didn’t want to work hard on someone else’s dream being advanced on their terms.

 I wanted to work for myself even if it meant working harder or taking an initial pay cut.

I Didn’t Start My Business for Money…I Started it for Personal Freedom

I did not start my business to “get rich.” While it is great to make money, in my opinion, money is not the best motivator for women with dreams. It’s usually something else. For me, it was freedom.

Did my dream involve risk?

YES! No one that follows their dream feels completely comfortable. When I started my first business, I took a risk and quit my job. I knew that my dream of working independently and starting my own business couldn’t be achieved while I was pouring the majority of my time and creative energy into someone else’s. I was 22 and just purchased my first condo so this leap was SCARY.
After taking the biggest leap of my young life, I started applying for freelance writing work on Craigslist. Yep, you read that right. Craigslist. Of all the places to for my journey to begin…it definitely didn’t feel like the beginning of anything glamorous. But little did I know where it would lead me…

I applied tirelessly to writing opportunities in the ‘gigs’ category. I was willing to write for anyone that would hire me. I truly believed that if I was discovered by clients, I could use my skillset to help them build their businesses. This was something that motivated me, the idea that someone would actually pay me to write was honestly awe inspiring at the time.

From Ads on Craigslist to Business Owner

As I began to follow my dream, I gained confidence in myself and my skills. The process of taking a risk and following your dream is EMPOWERING. You feel more like you than you ever have. You realize that in valuing your thoughts and ideas you become more influential and more capable than you might have realized.

Here’s what I did within the first couple of years of quitting my job:

  1. Named my company
  2. Began to develop a brand
  3. Determined what services I would provide
  4. Defined my audience
  5. Networked and sought advice from other business owners
  6. Incorporated my business and registered it with the state

Following My Dream Continues to Shape My Destiny

Today, I’m the owner of a minority certified consulting firm that works with restaurants and retailers all over the country. I have landed Fortune 500 clients like McDonald’s and HMSHost and national and international brands including Bath & Body Works7-ElevenDunkin’ DonutsBrinker InternationalMarshall Retail Group and Planet Hollywood. To my own surprise, I’m even in a business partnership with Guy Fieri at Las Vegas International Airport!

While I love consulting and continue to work hard for my clients, being in business for myself means that I can continue creating—I’m not stuck in one place.

Time to Think & Build Anew

Like most of us, I had more time to reflect in 2020 than ever. Within a couple of months, I was suddenly brimming with ideas for new business adventures. And then, I heard a whisper within my heart that I recognized: you were made for more.

I’d heard this before and it led me to quit my job and strike out in a new direction. I was suddenly hearing this whisper again and felt prompted to see where it would lead. A year later I have launched the Million Dollar Mama Club and began my next business adventure. I cannot wait to see how the business continues to grow. My deepest hope is that it changes how women value the pursuit of their dreams and helps them take clear steps forward. 

A New Business is a Blank Canvas

Both of these new business ideas came with blank canvases that ignited my creativity. Because my first business is a success, I have seen firsthand that following my dreams (no matter how wild they are) is a journey worth taking.

So, with lots of thought and prayer I continue forward as a single mom and business owner that is so excited to equip women with tools that I know are helpful if you struggle with the doubts and fears that hold so many women back from following their dreams.

Thank you for reading my story and being a part of Million Dollar Mama Club™. You can learn more by subscribing or following us on social media.

And, if you’re a woman that has a great big dream you want to follow but you’re struggling or feel stuck, check out ‘The Playbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Following Your Dreams’. I wrote it with you in mind and it is included as a part of our Dream Biz Beginner Membership.

I have been where you are…right at the beginning of my Entreprenurial journey. I have felt stuck, I have felt fearful, I have dreamed of a life that seemed out of reach. I understand the challenge of wanting to build a business but of not knowing exactly what to do next.

I founded the Million Dollar Mama Club™ to create a PERFECT FIRST STEP for busy women with big dreams.  Gain confidence in your own entrepreneurial abilities as you define your dream and take clear steps forward. No Business Experience Required. 


Jenna Lee


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