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What do you do if you hate your job?

Why you hate your job…and what to do about it.

If you hate your job, this article is for you! I don’t like to use the word hate, but when you are really, really unhappy at work or you have co-workers or a boss making you miserable it is really easy to hate your job. If you feel you were made to do something different–something more than what you are currently doing–this can also lead you to deeply resent your current job.

Firsthand Experience

One of the first jobs that I took almost as soon as I graduated college was a job that I ABSOLUTELY loathed.

First, there were a lot of reasons to like the job (and that’s why I took it):

Pros (to keeping a job that made me really miserable)

  1. Competitive pay (for a new grad that had just bought her first condo)
  2. Insurance (that was better than nothing)
  3. A benefit and bonus structure
  4. I was qualified, this was a job I could do VERY WELL
  5. The executive that hired me expressed excitement to have me as a part of the team and was interested in my work
  6. The colleagues and overall atmosphere were pleasant

On the surface—both to myself and my family and friends—this job had everything going for it and was a good fit for me. When I became restless and unhappy with the job (which only took about 3 weeks) and shared my discontent with the circle of people in my life, they were quick to remind me of all the ‘good reasons’ that I took the job. Everyone—and I mean everyone—thought I should stay. The job even allowed me to write (which was something I really enjoy) and so to everyone around me it seemed like staying put was the obvious right choice.

As my unhappiness with my days deepened (as it always does when you are at a job you hate), I began to make lists of the pros of staying vs. leaving and I am STILL SURPRISED at which list of Pros won.

If you are truly unhappy in your job for whatever reason I highly suggest making two lists:

  1. A list of pros for stay at the job
  2. A list of pros for why you should leave

Making two lists from the same positive outlook is the best way to evaluate IF and WHY you should change course and follow your dreams.

Staying Stuck Where You Are At Is Easy

Too easy actually. Your reasons for staying in a job you hate might be similar to those in my list above.

  • I had just bought a condo and I had real financial responsibilities.
  • As a recent grad the experience I could offer to prospective employers was very limited.
  • I felt pressure to keep the job because it sounded irresponsible to quit.
  • It sounded childish to think that there was anything better for me on the horizon and to myself and the people around me ‘talking about my dreams’ felt ridiculous to be honest.
  • I could tell that quitting a decent job to ‘pursue something more’ was perceived as flaky at best…possibly even weak at worst.

What I didn’t know is that when you are unhappy at a job or in life most people try to give you the SAME ADVICE they give themselves to make themselves feel better about staying where they are at.

The pursuit of something more requires work and some level of risk. MOST PEOPLE prefer to stay put, even if it means accepting their unhappiness.

I hope these words are resonating with you because they are the most accurate reflection of the responses I observed when deciding to quit my own job and follow my dreams in pursuit of something more.

This was my list or Pros for leaving:

  • I can use my time in a way that feels meaningful to me
  • I will be more excited to work really hard every day if I’m actually doing what I want
  • I feel the urge to do something bigger in my life, the idea of not attempting to pursue this feels scarier than quitting my job
  • I could potentially build a business or discover an opportunity that I would truly enjoy
  • I could potentially make more money (a lot more)
  • I could potentially have more time for the people and activities I like
  • The unknown job/business pursuit might have FAR MORE to offer than the one that I really hate
  • Having negative feelings about work is impacting me emotionally, if I follow my instincts and quit this negative thinking pattern will change
  • I am in control of my future (not my boss)

After a few months of going back and forth in my mind between staying at the job or quitting to pursue a better life I finally reached a breaking point.

I couldn’t bear to live a lie one more day. Every day that I sat at my desk pretending I was okay and focused on the job at hand was a lie. I wasn’t okay with this path for the rest of my life and one day I finally got unstuck…I QUIT.

I was finally ready to stop talking about my dreams for my life—all the things I really wanted to do or accomplish—and start taking steps to make my dreams reality.

If you’re reading this because you are unhappy in your job or want more out of life here are some questions for you:

  1. Have you been stuck somewhere and ignoring your instincts to quit?
  2. Are you so afraid of making a mistake with your career path that you are actually making your biggest mistake?
  3. Does your list of Pros to leave your job outweigh your list to stay?
  4. Are you making your decisions out of fear or based in confidence in both yourself and your dreams.
  5. Do you feel your dream for your future is valuable?

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Was this article helpful? Have you tried creating your own list of pros and cons? Please share in the comments below!



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