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What does real life success for a woman business owner look like?

What does real life success for a woman business owner look like?

I’m answering this question because real people with real experience are the most valuable source for information when you are just starting out.

A real woman and a real mom with real business experience and an authentic story of success founded this brand and is the creator of the beginner level resources on this website.

This is important information because it differentiates the information that is being offered here. Our information is real and is grounded in the real experiences of a woman business owner that has worked independently for 15 years and counting.

what is a mompreneur

Real Pictures, Real Success (Presented by a Real Mom with a Real Business)

If you see a picture or video of me on this site or on the Million Dollar Mama Club™ social media it is me in my actual home.

Real matters. Authenticity is priceless.

I don’t use backdrops in videos and there are no fancy illusions. I’m not a Kim Kardashian (who is) or a woman that claims to earn mad cash every time she posts online. That is not how my business works or how my business makes money.

YES, social media helps get the word out.

NO, social media is not the be all end all (of your business or mine).

My success in business and my financial stability has been built over time. My business(es!) continue to grow and evolve as my dreams and lifestyle change.

On social media there is a world of aspiring entrepreneurs that are trying to ‘coach’ and give advice. I’m not knocking this if that is their dream, BUT, if your goal is to encourage women to follow their dreams of entrepreneurial success I believe you should have your own success story to back up the advice that you are sharing.

I do.

I started my first business 15 years ago from an ad on Craigslist. This business has served clients across the country and continues to serve them. The inspiration, advice and information that I have developed and am sharing are based on entrepreneurial experience in the real world.

The truth is that most businesses don’t live or make most of their money from social media. Some do but most rely on social media as a marketing tool, not as the business itself.

The original company I founded was successful with NO SOCIAL MEDIA. Other than linked in, I’ve posted only a handful of times about the services my company provides…in 15 years of business!

How was I making money?

  • Through consulting services.
  • Through personal relationships.
  • Through partnership with other brands and business owners.
  • Through the sale of quality processes & products that improved my client’s businesses. (I learned very quickly that if you can help another business make money, your own business WILL THRIVE!)

How was I marketing?

Networking—attending local & national industry events

Email—sending emails to existing clients about products and services?

What were the benefits to owning this business?

  • Working for myself
  • Controlling my schedule
  • Choosing my clients
  • Financial independence (in business for yourself the sky is the limit, there is no employer controlling your success)
  • More money (earning more than I would have been paid in a salary for a comparable job)

How much do I make?

Depending on your business structure your annual income can flux. Business owners plan for this. When I had higher years ($800k in sales) this was offset by lower years. Overall owning my business provided a lifestyle I’d really only dreamed of.

Following my dreams and building my business has allowed me to:

  • Provide abundantly for my kids
  • Travel
  • Live in and decorate our dream home
  • Escape a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Why did I start Million Dollar Mama Club ™?

To inspire other women to follow their dreams. Because following your dreams isn’t easy and it doesn’t always come naturally (the way we would hope)!

Following my dreams and building my business was extremely challenging.

But it was also ACHIEVABLE.

And that’s what most women that come to this site really want to know.

They are looking for a real answer to a question that is really personal.

Is following my dream and being successful even possible?

The answer is yes. You can turn your ideas into income when you learn to invest in yourself. 

New Dreams are Born When You Can Find Time to Hear Your Thoughts

During Covid a lot of my girlfriends had time to think. They were dreaming and creating and hoping for new things. This was amazing to witness and it inspired me too! In the midst of difficulty, to hear that the women in my life were still feeling as though they were made for more inspired me.

I had the opportunity to listen to my friend’s brainstorm, wrestle with their fears and doubts about following their dream. Their fears about failure. Their decision making about writing the book or building the business they’d always dreamed of.

Listening to these incredible women helped me realize that telling a real story and sharing the process of following your dream is relevant and needed.

The Million Dollar Mama Club™ is a brand for women by women. This is important because our challenges as women setting out to follow their dreams are different:

  • Women have babies and raise them. Following our dreams and making them a priority does not come naturally.
  • We have homes to care for and are surrounded by people (little and big) that constantly need us.
  • We face unique professional challenges.
  • We aren’t always told that our dreams of success have value.



A Real Voice to Guide You Through Beginner Level Business Challenges

I am going to admit all of my flaws up front. I am not perfect. I do not own the most successful business in the country. I have made mistakes as I built my businesses and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Despite these obvious flaws (that probably match your own) my business has stood the test of time and providing freedom and financial benefits that are well beyond any job that I could have ever imagined for myself.

The resources on this site are developed by a woman business owner that is a mom, a friend and a sister.

When developing the resources for other dreamers I have been as transparent and forward as possible about my own journey so that I can help women who are right at the beginning of theirs.

With the founding of Million Dollar Mama Club™, I’m building a new brand in real time to help real women get inspired to follow their own dreams because I know that it is possible to succeed on your own terms. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and hope that you come back to visit our site for additional support. You can get in touch with us here.

If you haven’t already done so (and you’re a dreamer like me!) check out our best-selling original resource, The Playbook: Guide to Following Your Dreams, which was written by me for women just like you!

In two hours, you can learn how to start your own business adventure with confidence and specific steps to move you forward. The Playbook is a beginner level business book for women that want to learn how to turn their ideas into income.


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