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Why Your Dreams Matter

I’m really excited about this month’s topic of focus because it is going to meet you right where you are at. The beginning. The phase before anything begins. The place where you are churning ideas around in your mind. Thinking about them. Questioning them. Wondering if your ideas are good or bad or somewhere in-between.

I want to catch you at this very vital beginning phase because I’ve learned a secret that you need to be in on.

Have you ever wondered, “Do my dreams matter?”

Here’s the secret that I’m sharing this month: YOUR DREAMS MATTER.

Girl—it’s like an early Christmas gift.

Your Dreams Have Value.

Whoa. It seems obvious but for most people—I would argue especially for most women—that this is not a ‘fact’ in their minds, or something they really know deep down to be true.

But just because you don’t know this yet, doesn’t mean its not true.

Think about it for a minute.

If you really believed that your dreams matter what would you do with them? Would you go after them?

In my opinion, if you really believed—deep down—that your dreams matter, I don’t think anything in this world could stop you from pursing them.

If you really believed that the ideas you have and the life you dream of mattered, I think you wouldn’t just walk towards them, teetering like a toddler, I think you’d run. I think that as you run the weight of your insecurities and the things that hold you back from pursuing what you love and the life you really want would burn off—like unwanted calories.

If you start moving forward and take active steps toward your dreams, you will weaken your insecurities by strengthening your belief in yourself.

For at least the rest of this article, if not the rest of your life, please embrace this idea and see how it can alter your thinking: Your Dreams Matter.

Why do I believe this so firmly?

  1. First and foremost, because I believe in God. If God (the Creator of the Universe) made ME then the ideas that inspire me have significance. If my ideas have significance—meaning—then I probably SHOULD NOT ignore them.
  2. Our dreams tell a lot about who we are and where we want to go. They are intrinsic. Unpacking them and understanding what they are is one of the most fundamental parts of learning who you are.
  3. Our dreams—when pursued—shape our lives. If you pursue a dream it changes you from the inside out. How?
  • Pursuing your dream says that YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you don’t pursue your ideas, no one else will think they are worth pursuing either. It’s kind of like the old saying ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ If you dedicate time, mental energy and resources to pursuing your dream SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN. It’s impossible for nothing to happen when you are working.
  • Pursuing your dream is a demonstration of confidence. Confidence is powerful—it grows as you rely on it and becomes stronger. Confidence can help you find clarity. When you discover your confidence in yourself, your ideas and your dreams, you will also find clarity on how to move forward.

One suggestion I would make, when considering if your DREAMS REALLY MATTER is to consider these questions that I am personally asking you:

  1. Are you curious about what life has in store for you?
  2. Why do you think what you think? (Asking questions is the beginning of something new)
  3. If your dreams were leading you somewhere great, somewhere right around the corner, would you want to go?
  4. Do you believe your thoughts have purpose? (Time + Energy says they do)
  5. What if following your dreams is a part of the plan for your life?

 If you have not considered this, then let me ask you a different kind of question. It’s an ‘IF, THEN’ question.

 IF you following your dreams is a part of discovering who you are and what you are made to do,

 THEN what happens if you ignore your dreams?

 What happens when you refuse to see them through?

 Honestly, this thought sends a chill through me. When I think of where I would be today if I hadn’t acknowledged the small voice inside of me that whispered, ‘YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE,’ when it was time to make a change, I wouldn’t be where I am today living a life that I really only dreamed was possible.

Your dreams are an intrinsic part of you. Don’t deny them. I would say ignoring them is something like ignoring the fact that you’re thirsty. At first, the feeling of thirst is just uncomfortable, but then, when unattended for too long it becomes something else entirely: unquenched thirst becomes a risk, a danger to who you are and all you life plans. Ignoring thoughts and feelings that are important to you, the very thoughts and feelings and dreams that were designed to shape your life for the better, will result in you living a life that you weren’t designed for. Overtime, this is exhausting and when you don’t value your dreams or believe in them you will feel defeated.

Your dreams matter. Believing this is the beginning of the most exciting journey that you will ever go on.

So think on it. Do you believe your dreams have value? If you don’t, what do you think could change in your life if you did?

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