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10 Tips to Get Your New Business Off the Ground in One Day

Okay so you’ve figured out the hardest part: what you want to do. You finally know that you are ready to follow your entrepreneurial dreams but then a sinking feeling begins to set in.  Your excitement starts to be nagged by questions like, ‘Okay, now what?’ or ‘Where do I go from here?.’

This is where every woman I know gets stuck.


Because there is no fail proof roadmap forward. You will have to take risks and make your own decisions.

…you’ll have to be ‘the boss.’

This is your journey…or as I like to call it, your ‘business adventure.’

Here are a few simple but important next steps and questions for thought:

  1. Identify what you are selling (product/book/service, etc.).
  2. Where will it be sold?
  3. If it’s a product you intend to make, how will you make it?
  4. Will you have a website?
  5. Will you create a social media presence?
  6. Identify your audience.
  7. How do you intend to market your product/book/service?
  8. Do you have a business plan?
  9. Identify aspects of your business that are not in your skillset.
  10. Who will help you with the tasks your business will require that you don’t know how to do?

If you’re really serious about your idea I suggest the following:

Find an hour or so of quiet time where you can think about and address these questions. AND more importantly, write your answers and ideas down. This will help keep your ideas flowing forward instead of stuck swirling around your brain.

The process of answering and asking questions is exactly how dreams are pursued and businesses are built.

As you answer these questions and think about the ideas that they generate you will probably think of EVEN MORE QUESTIONS.

Write those down to. Answer them. Some answers will require research. This research will eventually help you formulate a plan to grow your business and start MAKING MONEY WHILE YOU PURSUE YOUR DREAM.

And, if you are a woman with a great big dream that you haven’t started pursuing, check out The Playbook: Guide to Following Your Dreams. This best-selling resource is a creative tool developed for women with big dreams and no business experience.

The premise is simple: Your Dreams Matter…And They Can’t Wait.

From diving into what your dream is to facing your fears of failure (and even success), The Playbook is the next step to help you follow your dream for success. The Playbook is fun, feminine and fresh and you can read it in under two hours. The Playbook is the perfect beginner level business book for women–especially for the extra busy professional with children.

Good luck! Feel free to share some of your ideas and let us know how this worked for you in the comments below.



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